On the Affirmation of Kindness and the Renunciation of Bitterness

Or…Project Runway Gives the Finger to Korina  project runway

The recap of last night’s episode:
  • The remaining designers went around NYC in Lexus vehicles for some odd reason (couldn’t be the Lexus sponsorship, could it? Naw.).
  • They took pictures.
  • They designed “street” wear or “street looks.”
  • They were then told to choose from among losing designs to create another look, making the losing look into a winner.
  • What they did not know: Choosing a losing look meant choosing the loser, too. The loser designers would end up as their assistants.
  • And, yes, Char chose Korina’s look because it had so much fabric to work with.
  • Korina and the other  losers come into the workroom.
  • One by one, they are matched with their designers.
  • Clapping, smiles, glee….
  • Until Korina must go to Char, the designer whom Korina believes is not Worthy to Breathe the Same Air as the Awesomeness that is Korina.
  • Korina drank a gallon of lemon juice before appearing. Or so saith her facial expressions.
  • She cannot do this.
  • She leaves.
  • Huffing.
  • She is still “hurting,” you see, from her elimination in last week’s episode for designing an outfit made of All the Fabric in the Universe…plus scraps and miscellaneous notions she found.
  • Pocahontas (Amanda) in interview: I know how it hurts to lose, but…

Long story short: Char, despite her usual bumbling tailoring skills and a so-so outfit, is going to Fashion Week. Or at least the episode they do before Fashion Week where they will possibly eliminate one more.

Indigo-haired lady was eliminated because she just never caught lightning in a bottle, you know?

Kini did wondrous things, but the judges didn’t like one of them that Tim had obliquely suggested in his make-it-work moments in the workroom. Nonetheless, our sweet, cheerful, charming Hawaiian is headed to Fashion Week, clapping merrily.

My theory of this episode: although Char’s outfit was so-so, everyone was aware of The Krazy that was Korina, and they decided to reward Char(m) and, by doing so, thus punish The Krazy through the implementation of a sort of Kosmic Karma for Korina.

Or, sweets for the sweet-natured = niener niener niener for the nasty-tempered.

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