Podcast — JANE EYRE: Romance novel template

As I mentioned already, this month marks the 200th anniversary of the birth of Charlotte Bronte, on April 21, 1816.

In celebration of this birthday anniversary, I’m posting numerous pieces about Bronte and her most famous novel, Jane Eyre. 

Today, I offer a short podcast on the topic of Jane Eyre as romance novel template. I admit to cringing a little when I use the words “romance novel” in the same breath as “Jane Eyre.” But that’s because romance novels don’t get much respect from the literary crowd.

But they should. The romance novelist works within a formula that readers know implicitly, if not explicitly. And yet, those novelists still need to keep their readers interested, keep them surprised, keep them involved.

Charlotte Bronte wasn’t writing a romance novel, in today’s sense of the phrase, of course, when she penned Jane Eyre. But the story elements she used have become the model for romance novels everywhere.

Take a listen…and tell me what you think!



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3 responses to “Podcast — JANE EYRE: Romance novel template

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  2. homeschmomof4

    Libby, it is wonderful to *hear* you! I am enjoying listening to your thoughts on this book. One of my favorites.

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