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FREE for a few days: light works by Libby Malin

When I first started writing, I used my married name, Libby Sternberg, to pen my first book, a young adult mystery (that went on to become an Edgar finalist). Then, Harlequin bought my humorous women’s fiction (“chick lit” it was called back then), Loves Me, Loves Me Not, and I decided I should write that kind of fiction under a different name so my throngs of YA fans wouldn’t pick it up expecting to find YA. Throngs. Ahem.

Anyway, I wrote that Harlequin book under the name Libby Malin. Thus started my split-personality writing life (I write in different genres — you can read about that here.) Libby Sternberg books are either YA or more serious adult fiction. Light, often humorous, novels are written by my alter-ego Libby Malin.

And Libby Malin has a number of books for free for a few days at the Amazon Kindle store. Libby Malin hopes these freebies generate interest in these lighter works. She’s working on a new one right now, and when it is released (by a publisher, herself, the Man on the Moon), she hopes new throngs snatch it up. More about that release after the serious Libby Sternberg’s new book, Fall from Grace, is published in the

Here are the freebies available at the Kindle store for a few days. Get them while the price is right — zippo! Click on the titles to be taken to the Amazon pages!

Rodeo Robin Hood: In Texas hill country, an out-of-work
college instructor meets her old crush while working at a Renaissance fair. Sparks fly.

Winning the Beauty’s Heart: A retelling of “Snow White” in the Texas hill country.

Woman with a Parasol: An exploration of a mother’s love.

Smart Cookie: A food network films a group of friends…and lovers…for a restaurant makeover show …what could go wrong?

If you grab one of these freebies, please read and…offer a review on Amazon! Those reviews mean the world to authors and can help others find books you like.

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