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Listen to “Daisy”!

My novel Daisy, a refashioning of The Great Gatsby from Daisy Buchanan’s point of view, is now available digitally at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and Apple Books. It will be published in print this fall.

Some exciting new developments have happened regarding the book. First, it received a five-star review at the Reedsy Discovery site, with the reviewer declaring it a “must read.” You can read that review here. Here’s the squib:

Then, based on that review and votes by readers, it was highlighted in the Reedsy Discovery newsletter.

That led to an actor, Maria Marquis, discovering Daisy and asking to audition for the audio book narrator. Maria’s audition is below, and you can read more about Maria here. But to hear her audition for Daisy, a reading of the first pages, click on the link below:

How exciting it was to hear Daisy’s voice, as articulated by this fine actor!

Finally, Daisy received a few more blurbs, these from academics. I paste them below, and hope this inspires you to give the book a read!

“Writing with grace and compassion, Ms. Sternberg reveals a much more human Daisy, who cares for the people in her life with a genuine depth of feeling. As she develops Daisy’s voice, the reader is pulled into her story to gain a new understanding of not just the literary character but the struggles and confusions women faced in the go-for-broke 1920s. Hearing Daisy’s version of the events of that summer in the East and West Egg leaves the reader with a new perspective on, and deeper understanding of, that frenetic time sandwiched between two world wars.” 

Leslie Goetsch, assistant professor of English, George Mason University, and director of the Northern Virginia Writing Project.

“Finally, the story of Gatsby from Daisy’s point of view. Sternberg’s achievement of literary imagination is on the level of Jane Campion’s movie Bright Star, which told the story of Romantic poet John Keats’ final years from the point of view of his great love, Fanny Brawne. Wildly energetic and heartfelt, Libby Sternberg’s Daisy has the insight and audacity to alter and clarify key elements of Fitzgerald’s 1925 novel. The inspiring result is the revitalization of an iconic American tale.”

John C. Hampsey, Professor of British Romanticism, Cal Poly, and Author of the Boyhood Memoir Kaufman’s Hill

If you do give Daisy a read and enjoy it, consider leaving a review at etailer sites! Thanks in advance for considering that action, which means a great deal to all authors.

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