I’m an Edgar-nominated  novelist, the author of teen mysteries and women’s fiction. I write under the names Libby Malin (humorous women’s fiction) and Libby Sternberg (women’s fiction and teen mysteries) and Elizabeth Malin (serious fiction).

My website is: http://www.LibbySternberg.com

You can email me at Libby488 at yahoo dot com

My books include the following:

Young adult mystery:

  • Uncovering Sadie’s Secrets (YA) by Libby Sternberg (Edgar nominee)
  • Finding the Forger (YA) by Libby Sternberg
  • Recovering Dad (YA) by Libby Sternberg
  • The Case Against My Brother (historical YA) by Libby Sternberg

Humorous women’s fiction:

  • Loves Me, Loves Me Not (humorous women’s fiction) by Libby Malin
  • Fire Me (humorous women’s fiction) by Libby Malin
  • My Own Personal Soap Opera (humorous women’s fiction) by Libby Malin

Historical fiction and other serious fiction:

  • Sloane Hall (women’s fiction) by Libby Sternberg
  • After the War (women’s fiction) by Libby Sternberg
  • Death Is the Cool Night (mystery) by Libby Sternberg
  • Lost to the World (mystery) by Libby Sternberg
  • Kit Austen’s Journey (historical/inspirational romance) by Libby Sternberg
  • Mending Ruth’s Heart (historical/inspirational romance) by Libby Sternberg
  • From Here (short stories) by Elizabeth Malin

Light Romance:

  • Rodeo Robin Hood by Libby Malin (sweet romance)
  • Winning the Beauty’s Heart by Libby Malin (sweet romance)




  1. Karen Bradford

    Very nice.

  2. I just finished Loves Me, Loves Me Not. What a great read. Wish I had more time to do just that! Get this book and you’ll not be sorry!!

    • So nice to hear from you Susie! My old accounts were hijacked, so I’ve set up new ones, including on Facebook at Libby Sternberg. I’m glad you liked Loves Me, Loves Me Not. It will be published in French this December!

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