Chapter Three of Daisy: The Audiobook

I’ve written before about how thrilled I was when a voice actor contacted me about auditioning to be the narrator of my novel Daisy (a retelling of The Great Gatsby from Daisy Buchanan’s point of view).

Well, she got the job! My publisher hired Maria Marquis to read Daisy for those who prefer audiobooks, and she just finished the project and sent us the files for review.

Hearing her speak the words I’d written, often with the exact same inflections I’d imagined when writing them, was a surreal experience. It was as if someone were speaking my thoughts…as I thought them.

I was particularly impressed by her reading of Chapter Three, the moments when Daisy reunites with Jay Gatsby after years of separation, a meeting engineered by her cousin Nick Carraway and her friend Jordan Baker.

I’ve been given permission to share this chapter as part of promotion for the book. I hope you enjoy listening to it:

Meanwhile, we received word that Booklist, a publication of the American Library Association, will publish a review of Daisy in September. It’s a good one. Here’s a snippet:

“Sternberg tells Daisy’s side of the story with signature Fitzgeraldian banter and adds to the source material by imagining what happens off the page during the original tale’s events…Sternberg’s take on the classic is original and charming.”


Daisy will be published in hardcover in October, but it’s available now digitally!


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